She’s so FLUFFY

Rio is getting to be VERY fluffy, so fluffy it’s getting hard to fit through the cat door. haha

She just got brushed for the day

Her cleaning herself the other day!

and thanks to @supernatural808


Thank  you very much for the BEAUTIFUL pix of Rio Oki

Love n’ #sandpaperkisses


Twitter and Facebook

So, I think I have a problem…

Im addicted to Twitter!!!!

Besides the fact that I talk to mostly cats, which some might find weird, I feel the urge to constantly be on Twitter just to see what’s going on with them.  I do follow more then just kitties but mostly… CATS.  I browse to see if some kitty is getting sick or better and I have to respond to them or RT when there is a kitty that needs a home.  U have to understand that these cats are the ones that pulled me through and made me feel better when I was scared about Rio Oki’s heart problem.  I want to support them as much as they did me.  And I love hearing the rescue stories and how the people take such good care of their animals.  Those types of feel good stories I could read all day.

So far, I’m lucky that work has been slow and the boss doesn’t have a problem with me on Twitter if I have my work done.  Luke thinks i’m crazy, and Cullen loves to hear all about what’s going on (we let him do FB but not twitter yet, he’s only allowed online with supervision).  I know he will be a tweeter!

Facebook on the other hand, lately,  has been just a place to “like” pix, kitties, or to share info for kitties that need homes lately.  I do like my FB because it has pix of my family and friends but I haven’t really been posting stuff like that in the past few months.   I’m going to take a bunch more pix this weekend for Easter and post them to my FB and here on my blog.  We always have my husbands side come out and it gets interesting…Rio Oki is usually hiding in the closet ALL DAY.

I think Twitter n’ Facebook should make it so I could post on one, and it automatically posts it on the other… n’ if they do have this wonderful feature and I just don’t know about it, SOMEONE PLEASE LET ME KNOW! hahaha