I think Catopia is growing on Rio Oki

We didn’t have Wifi last night so I couldn’t download any video’s but Rio Oki is now sitting a lot more on Catopia!! Still not using steps.

Last night at dinner time eating her soft food.

  • For desert, Mama’s tea cup!

A little play time of Hide n' Go Seek

Then a nap on Catopia before going to bed.

That’s it today til we upload vids and get our wifi workin… lots of love and sandpaperkisses til Monday!! Hope u all have a great weekend!!



So Luke finished Catopia!!        Rio LOVES it!!!!

Finishing the “U”
Finished the “U” still a lot more to go
Attached foam for maximum comfort!

Added faux fur to the interior of the box (not the bottom yet but did later)

Rio impatiently waiting…

Husband stained it.

Luke had to carry it through the sliding glass doors because it won’t go through a standard door.

4 steps, a sleeping box, a back deck, and a front lounge U.

Putting the box in, It is padded on top and front and has a covered pillow for inside

Faux fur on the steps

Rio Oki's first time in her box, sniffing everything.

My mama made throw pillows for my couch with this material so we used the same to tie the structure into our livingroom.Back deck, put her food and her plant on it to make it feel like home.

Attached the "U" so soft and cushie

Front view


Rio Oki’s first time on the Lounge U
Rio Oki on the deck, with her dinner.

So far she really likes it! I can’t wait to see her tonight and see if she is more comfortable chillin on the top!  We have video’s too but I haven’t gotten them off my phone.  Will be posted tomorrow.

Lots of love and #sandpaperkisses! YAY CATOPIA!!

Tonight Catopia

So this is the night we do more work on CATOPIA!! I am very excited! Rio has been trying to get in the garage all week (that’s where it is right now).  This WILL be done this weekend, so help me.  The plan is to wrap the vertical wood with a twine type rope for scratching.  This still has to be bought but JoAnne Fabrics gave us a nice 40% coupon that we are going to use.  I’m sure we have to get more padding too.

I wanted to give a HUGE shout out to @CatPicturesNYC  that did my top picture (the top of the page) for my blog.  What a nice person to just do something like that!!! I love it. Please let me know what you think of it! Please also check out their page, http://www.CatPicturesNYC.com

It’s also been really cold and rainy this week. Rio has been snuggling up with me and sleeping under covers with me

I hope Monday will bring more video’s, pix and CATOPIA!!!

Til then, lots of love and #sandpaperkisses