She’s so FLUFFY

Rio is getting to be VERY fluffy, so fluffy it’s getting hard to fit through the cat door. haha

She just got brushed for the day

Her cleaning herself the other day!

and thanks to @supernatural808


Thank  you very much for the BEAUTIFUL pix of Rio Oki

Love n’ #sandpaperkisses


Tonight Catopia

So this is the night we do more work on CATOPIA!! I am very excited! Rio has been trying to get in the garage all week (that’s where it is right now).  This WILL be done this weekend, so help me.  The plan is to wrap the vertical wood with a twine type rope for scratching.  This still has to be bought but JoAnne Fabrics gave us a nice 40% coupon that we are going to use.  I’m sure we have to get more padding too.

I wanted to give a HUGE shout out to @CatPicturesNYC  that did my top picture (the top of the page) for my blog.  What a nice person to just do something like that!!! I love it. Please let me know what you think of it! Please also check out their page,

It’s also been really cold and rainy this week. Rio has been snuggling up with me and sleeping under covers with me

I hope Monday will bring more video’s, pix and CATOPIA!!!

Til then, lots of love and #sandpaperkisses

Almost back to normal

So last night things seem like they are almost back to normal.  I came home from work with Rio Oki greeting me at the door.  Earlier, I had bought a dress so I took the dress out and gave Rio the bag to play with.

Oooo interesting!

I knew she would have fun with this!  She was as playful as ever dragging the bag around, pouncing on it, getting her head stuck in the handles… I wish I got a pic of that!

Right after she got her head stuck.

Well, as I said before, she has to still get her liquid pain med. in the morning and at night so last night she was sitting on the window sill and I was about to give her the meds.  I start to give it to her and she backs up, then jumps down to the floor.  So that little squirt of meds… yep, TOTALLY MISSED HER MOUTH.  Knowing this I knew I still had to give her meds so I get another one (one that is supposed to be for today) and finally am able to make her take it.  She was not happy.

I dun like u right now

but after a little while, she was fine.

This morning, my husband and I got woke up by the pitter patter of little kitty feet on my chest and his *clears throat* lap-ish-area… yep she knows just how to get our attention.  After we got up, she took my warm spot and I covered her with the sheet.

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Thanks folks, I’m not sure if i’m going to write on the weekends, but please stay posted.

Lots of LOVE and #sandpaperkisses

Rio Oki

I always wanted a cat ever since I was little but, dad said NO WAY.   I did get to have many pets over the years like a blue fronted amazon (still have, her name is Birdy… yes Birdy), blue and gold macaw, flop eared bunnies, and tons of ducks and fish.  So when I moved out of my parents house I had to live in the dorms… STILL NOT ABLE TO HAVE A CAT!

Oh, and now when my parents come visit, guess who loves to play with the cat! MOM AND DAD!

Mom, Dad, n Rio Oki

When I moved to an apartment at age 21, I finally got Rio Oki.

Yep, she loves dirty clothes

She has been the joy of my life.  Her favorite thing to do is flop on the ground and let you rub her belly.  She sleeps under the covers with my husband and I  all the time.  We love her so much and like her to always be around us, so we installed a cat door to our bedroom so we could have our privacy and still be able to let the cat in and out.

Gaurd Cat!

Flop: rub me purrrease

Flop (recent) she just got her hair cut a few weekends ago!

Rio Oki and Daddy

Well, recently I changed vets because my previous one went under new ownership and I just didn’t like the change.  Now I go to, and they are WONDERFUL. (all female staff too)

So two Saturday’s ago we went and the vet found a heart murmur on Rio… it took all I had to not just start balling right there.  She kept reassuring me that it could mean nothing but she wanted to do blood work to make sure.  I agreed and then we had to wait til Monday for the results.  Of course that wrecked my whole weekend cause I was so scared for her.

Monday comes and I get home from work at 5, thinking, well guess I’ll have to wait til tomorrow to get the results.  5:34 p.m. I get a phone call from the vet: everything looks ok like the liver, blah blah blah but… her bnt is 187.  She goes into explaining that <100 is good and >270 is cause for “real” concern.  By then I’m BALLING.  I’m trying to make sentences but it just sounds like babble, sniff sniff, bable.  Now the vet wants to set an echo gram date so they can look at her heart and see if it is normal size or what. So we set it for this past Saturday.

This Saturday

At the vet waiting, waiting, waiting...

We got there and Rio Oki, of course scared to death, was shaking in my arms.  I almost started crying then, but didn’t want her to know I was upset.  So my husband and I sat patiently when finally the vet comes in and takes Rio away for  her echo gram.  It felt like she was gone FOREVER, but once she got back… she had a huge smile on her face.

Vet: Rio Oki did so well, she was such a well mannered kitty… and everything looks normal.  Yep I cried!  She said sometimes kitties that have murmurs never have any problems with it, and others will so we have to do an echo gram every year.  BUT THIS YEAR, Rio Oki is in PURRRRFECT HEALTH.

Eating a brochure... she loves to fight with paper

Playing with her toy

I couldn’t be happier!

between the sheets