She’s so FLUFFY

Rio is getting to be VERY fluffy, so fluffy it’s getting hard to fit through the cat door. haha

She just got brushed for the day

Her cleaning herself the other day!

and thanks to @supernatural808


Thank  you very much for the BEAUTIFUL pix of Rio Oki

Love n’ #sandpaperkisses


2 thoughts on “She’s so FLUFFY

    • Thank you so much. Yeah we brush her every day but she does all the cleaning herself. She is such a clean girl. When we did get her hair cut, the groomer asked how often we washed her cause she was perfectly clean. We don’t have to wash her. The groomer said she had never seen such a clean cat that never was washed by their owner. We love her very much. Thank you for your comment and I hope you enjoy the blog so far and what’s to come. #sandpaperkisses

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