Rio Oki is still not using the stairs! She’ll sniff them, lick them, and jump over them to get in the box but won’t use them.  To get to the top of the box or above, Rio will stand on the window ledge and jump on top from there

What… I don’t need no stinkin steps!

Does anyone have suggestions on how to convince her to use them?

I still got up here right?!

My parents are coming out today, videos and pix still to come!

That’s it for now, lots of love and #sandpaperkisses


12 thoughts on “The STAIRS

  1. What if you put a small piece of her favourite dish on each stair? First step place it to the left, second to the right etc som she have to move her way up? Just a thought, could work. If she doesn’t resist the treats 🙂


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