So Luke finished Catopia!!        Rio LOVES it!!!!

Finishing the “U”
Finished the “U” still a lot more to go
Attached foam for maximum comfort!

Added faux fur to the interior of the box (not the bottom yet but did later)

Rio impatiently waiting…

Husband stained it.

Luke had to carry it through the sliding glass doors because it won’t go through a standard door.

4 steps, a sleeping box, a back deck, and a front lounge U.

Putting the box in, It is padded on top and front and has a covered pillow for inside

Faux fur on the steps

Rio Oki's first time in her box, sniffing everything.

My mama made throw pillows for my couch with this material so we used the same to tie the structure into our livingroom.Back deck, put her food and her plant on it to make it feel like home.

Attached the "U" so soft and cushie

Front view


Rio Oki’s first time on the Lounge U
Rio Oki on the deck, with her dinner.

So far she really likes it! I can’t wait to see her tonight and see if she is more comfortable chillin on the top!  We have video’s too but I haven’t gotten them off my phone.  Will be posted tomorrow.

Lots of love and #sandpaperkisses! YAY CATOPIA!!


7 thoughts on “CATOPIA is FINISHED!

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  2. Thanks!! It went smoothly and wasn’t hard (for me hahaa) at all! Luke did say that the hardest thing was moving it from the garage to the living room.

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