The Birthday Weekend

I must say… Catopia not fully finished so I am a little disappointed.

Friday, Luke took me out to Connor’s and I got oysters and a crab and lobster soup.  It was AWESOME.  Rio Oki and I played a bunch and then she wanted to sleep under the covers with me. She also got tuna for dinner and teeth treats for desert.

Saturday, the building of Catopia began.  Not only did we not have all the wood and stuff (screws…) but Luke also was not sure of his design.  Once he started getting in the groove he was good.

Hubby trying to get the deck done

There will be a “U” in the front and the deck will be on the back.

Material from livingroom pillows for her padded box.

We are going to use a fake fur with padding for the “U” (solid color) and I’m not sure what we are doing for the stairs.  The “X” on the sides that hold most the weight can be collapsible which is good for when we move.  Those will be covered in a twine type rope.  Good for scratching!  I will have a ton of pictures when it is done.

I made a ton of Rio Oki videos this weekend!! I don’t know how to load them so Luke will have to tonight! I WILL HAVE VIDEO’S posted tomorrow! or later today!


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