Tornado Warning

Yesterday and last night we had a horrible storm.  Lightening everywhere, tons of rain and flash flooding, then the tornado warning.  I had a job interview right after work so I was worried about my son and kitty at home with no one there.  My husband usually gets home at 5:30 but still, was really worried.  Cullen’s school actually held him there while one of the warnings was in effect.  He got home a little after 5 and my husband left work a little early to make me feel better.

Interview went great and I went home (still raining and lightening) to make dinner.  While doing so, got a call from the man that just interviewed me, got the job.  As he is talking to me another warning went into effect.  I’m trying to get Cullen away from the windows, grab the cat, talk to possible boss, turn off stove so nothing boils over, and then HAIL.  I ask possible boss if I can think about it and call him tomorrow, he says sure.

NOW, the hail is getting really bad, the cat wants to see what’s hitting the glass door, Cullen is pretty calm, husband is freaking out about the cars, and I’m now worried if my noodles are going to come out right.  hahaha That was the first storm system, there were three.

Things calm down and the hail turns into just rain, so back to cooking.  Since there is a break between storms (watching the weather move on radar) we tell  Cullen to shower and HURRY before the next storm.  He showers, eats, and then back to the hallway for another round of Mother Nature pelting ice balls at us.  This one was even worse then the first round.

The last one was no big deal, lots of lightening still but no hail.  We were lucky, no tornado, no power outage, just hail.  Our cars are ok and no one was hurt in our family.  I wish I could say the same for everyone else… Lots of people got hurt, killed, house trashed and more.  Our hearts go out to their family and loved ones.

sorry no pix today, yesterday was crazy.

Lots of love and #sandpaperkisses


2 thoughts on “Tornado Warning

  1. Nice to meet u on this. I noticed you from sweetfurx4 of twitter. I am writing to this comment to make a friend of cat lovers. so i have followed you on twitter.I will visit on this periodically…to see your cat.Oops..I forgot to mension…I am a Japanese and have lived in Tokyo.(My twitter ID is “tamapooh7”)

    • Very nice to meet u! I’m so glad you found my blog and I will friend you on twitter. If you have pix of cats or would like to know something about my kitty, please let me know. I’ve been to Tokyo and it is beautiful. Hope you are doing well out there! I went to school in Japan with a girl named Tomami, your name is very similar and pretty!

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