Vet. Checkup: Dentist

So if you’ve read my previous posts, Rio Oki recently went to have three teeth extracted.  This Friday is her progress checkup to make sure she is healing correctly and in a timely manner.  I’m still giving her soft food (goes in fridge while i’m at work), with her bowl of crunchy food (out all the time) and she seems to be doing just fine with eating.

Om nom nom nom

Her stitches from the extraction dissolve so at least we don’t have to worry about taking those out.  I’m guessing, by her actions, that everything is going correctly as scheduled but I’ll be glad when I get that confirmed by the vet.  She is being very playful and loving like always!

I know I’m going to have to do something for her everyday teeth cleaning (not just dental cat treats), the vet gave me some options… What do u do for ur cat’s teeth?

She’s not going to like another trip to the vet but when she gets home CATONIA!! Then she will love me again! 


2 thoughts on “Vet. Checkup: Dentist

  1. Lucky Rio (I lov this name!!!!! Im from RIO de Janeiro BR) Nice he has you close by. Cats need people to watch it. See its mouth always. Let’s do a twitter advertisement to everyone pay attention in the teeth of cats? And he is cute cute cute 10000000cute.

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