This weekend: CATONIA

April 29 is my birthday, I’ll be 30.  I have asked my husband to make me a cat mansion for Rio Oki as his gift to me.  He says it will be done this weekend! Stay tuned to see CATONIA!

Oh and Rio Oki is on the animiles daily

Thanks to purrettykitty Angel Cat

Here are pix @CaptionCat made for me! (#sandpaperkisses)

Big thanks and #sandpaperkisses to TigerBoyTheCat Tiger , purrettykitty Angel Cat, @SmallRivers Switzerland, @Skeeterthetabby Skeeter Delmore, @HannibalCat, ttsnoopy Marite Torres ,  Pattypoosie Patricia Gruman, Trancer1092, @CaptionCat and more… all my anipals on twitter

time fo lunch


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