Easter Weekend

Friday: After work, I had to go to the Dr., I broke my clavicle early in January of this year and it still hasn’t healed right.  I’m getting some type of “bone stimulater” to help it heal. Then I was able to go home, clean, do dinner, and play with the cat.  Nothing too eventful.

Saturday: We had to do all our Easter shopping (yes, we did wait til the VERY LAST MINUTE.) Since we had Luke’s family coming out, we had to cook, clean and set up for the “big dinner”.  Rio Oki could already feel the tension.  When we have Luke’s side come over, there are 3 more children that will be at our house.  Aaron, Luke’s little brother, Heather, Luke’s little sister, and James, Leigh Ann’s (Luke’s big sister) son.  Rio Oki really likes them because they pet her very nicely, but sometimes there is just too much noise for her to handle.  So I played with her in between the cooking.

She also wanted to play with her bag.

The breaks to play with Rio Oki made the day fly by. She was also worn out.

Sunday: EASTER DAY!!!!

She was not excited about Easter, she was sleeping in!

First got up and made brunch for Cullen and I, then started on the final set up and getting the food (what wasn’t made yesterday) together. Finally Rio Oki got up!

Still slightly grumpy

Starting to be in a better mood

She finally started to get into the Easter mood

Brie, Colby Jack Cheese, Shrimp Coctail (homemade sauce) Carrots and Celery, Rolls

Potato Salad, Japanese Greenbeans, Deviled Eggs, Brocoli and cheese (the missing dish in the middle) wasn't done yet.

(Ham wasn't put out yet) Oh and I made a butter pecan cake.

Pink lemon aide for the kids (don't mind the bar stool, Rio Oki likes to jump off them)

Oh, there is the ham under the tin foil!  haha

So then we ate, Rio hid most the afternoon, the kids did an egg hunt (Cullen helped hide the eggs since he’s 13 now) and we gave out gifts.   She finally came back out for a couple pets, then back to the bedroom.

Curious kitty is curious

Then we just watched Animal Planet until it was bedtime.

Cullen and Rio, time for both of u to go to bed.

Hope everyone had a great Easter!!! #sandpaperkisses

Thanks to Skeeterthetabby who made these pix


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