Almost back to normal

So last night things seem like they are almost back to normal.  I came home from work with Rio Oki greeting me at the door.  Earlier, I had bought a dress so I took the dress out and gave Rio the bag to play with.

Oooo interesting!

I knew she would have fun with this!  She was as playful as ever dragging the bag around, pouncing on it, getting her head stuck in the handles… I wish I got a pic of that!

Right after she got her head stuck.

Well, as I said before, she has to still get her liquid pain med. in the morning and at night so last night she was sitting on the window sill and I was about to give her the meds.  I start to give it to her and she backs up, then jumps down to the floor.  So that little squirt of meds… yep, TOTALLY MISSED HER MOUTH.  Knowing this I knew I still had to give her meds so I get another one (one that is supposed to be for today) and finally am able to make her take it.  She was not happy.

I dun like u right now

but after a little while, she was fine.

This morning, my husband and I got woke up by the pitter patter of little kitty feet on my chest and his *clears throat* lap-ish-area… yep she knows just how to get our attention.  After we got up, she took my warm spot and I covered her with the sheet.

Please, if you haven’t already, vote for Rio Oki on The Daily Cat

Thanks folks, I’m not sure if i’m going to write on the weekends, but please stay posted.

Lots of LOVE and #sandpaperkisses


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