Rio Oki Back Home

We picked Rio Oki up from the vet at around 5:30.  She was wide eyed n’ bushy tailed and very pleased to see us.  The vet told us to give her a liquid medicine for her pain twice a day starting tomorrow.  Btw, this morning she did not like that at all!  hahaha

She acted a little wobbly at times but for the most part she was just constantly cleaning herself and really wanted food.  We bought her wet food (since she just got 3 teeth removed) and she devored the whole can.  IT WAS A BIG CAN.  NOT JUST ONE SERVING!  Anyway, I just let her because she hadn’t eaten since 8pm yesterday.  She is not over weight and we usually always keep her bowl full since she doesn’t over eat.

Om nom nom nom

Starting to get full

After the om nom’s she came in the bedroom and cleaned herself for over an hour.  Think she was trying to get all the strange human sents off her!  I started to make dinner around 7:00 (yes it was a late din din) and as I was doing so, she came up behind me and meowed for the first time all night.  I was so thrilled she was talking to me I stopped what I was doing and gave her all my attention.  She was acting like her old self again, talking up a storm, circling around me, stretching on my legs… it was great!

Since I made lasagna, the oven was making the kitchen warm so we opened some windows and Rio Oki loves that!  she kept moving around so the pix aren’t very good.  She had a rough day!

I’m so glad she is home and back to normal…

well other then the meds 2 times a day but it’s only for 2 days.  She goes back for a re-exam of her healing process in 7 days.


6 thoughts on “Rio Oki Back Home

  1. I’m so happy Rio is back home & she’s eating well! Better watch out – once we kitthes get a taste of the wet food we cry for it all the time! ((HUGS))
    ❤ Lily

  2. So glad Rio is fine & healthy.I understand heart murmur scares.When I took Puff, now 10, to be spayed when she was about a year old, I dropped her off on the way to work. The vet called me later & said she couldn’t do the surgery because Puff had a heart murmur. She said it could be because she was so scared.Wait 3-6mo try again.That time Puff was just fine, thank God.

    • That is wonderful to hear! They did say that it might never be a problem, but it’s something to keep up with. As long as she is as healthy as she can be and happy, I’m ok! #sandpaperkisses

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