Rio Oki Dentist (2 Update)

So while I was at lunch I got the call from the vet:

“Rio Oki is in recovery and did very well with the procedure.  She is going to have to take some meds when she gets home but I’ll explain that to you when you pick her up at 5:30.”

me: “is that the earliest I can get her?”

The vet said that she will be in good hands til then so “blah” 5:30 it is.

Right now I’m not quite sure if it is pain meds or something else but as long as Rio Oki is awake and doing well, I’m happy.

Pix and more updates later tonight!  Love you all and #sandpaperkisses til then.


5 thoughts on “Rio Oki Dentist (2 Update)

  1. SO HAPPY She is doing well. Can’t wait to see pics. She’ll be rested and ready for home this afternoon. Ready for cuddles.

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