Rio Oki at the DENTIST

So, this morning at & 7:30 my husband and I dropped Rio Oki off at the vet to get her teeth cleaned.  I’m really worried because this will be the first time she has ever been under anesthesia!  We are supposed to be getting up dated when she is done, how she did, and when we can take my precious baby home… it’s only 8:30 and I’m already worried.  I know it won’t be til the afternoon when I get that call but I am really worried!!

When I took her to the vet these past couple weekends, I already knew that she had to get her teeth done.  This is another reason we got the echo gram was because when a kitty could/does have heart problems, they use a different anesthesia (or different dose) then if the kitty’s heart was fine.  Of course, I just wanted to know if Rio Oki’s heart was ok or not but also because I wanted to make sure she could go through with getting her teeth cleaned.  Now the vet did say that 2 or 3 of her back teeth may have to be extracted but we’ll just have to wait and see.


I love u all and please #pawcircle for my baby Rio Oki


6 thoughts on “Rio Oki at the DENTIST

  1. Aaaawww! She will be fine,don’t worry.I also worry when they go under anesthesia,as long as her stomach is empty,she’ll be fine.They use a new anesthesia that’s very nice,doesn’t leave them so dizzy.

  2. yeah, that’s what the lady vet told me. we put her food up last night at around 8:00 pm so her tummy is empty. I bet she’ll be starving when she comes home! If her teeth get extracted, I hope she can still munch a little. (might have to give pain liquid med. but not sure til the vet updates me). TY for reading and for the comment

  3. TY, I will feel better when the vet says she is awake and did great! AND that i can come take her home! Thank u for the #pawcircle and for reading! #sandpaperkisses (non stinky now)

  4. Peace had a teeth cleaning and had to have several teeth extracted about 3 years ago. She did well & is a happy and healthy dilute calico, and now we are not worried that those diseased teeth are hurting her. Love to Rio Oki! Some extra cuddle time after the ordeal should make you both feel better. #PawCircle from @softypaws

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