Hello world!

This is my first post so it’s a little awkward.

Well to start off, I am married to my wonderful husband Luke, I have a 13 year old step-son, Cullen, and my 9 year old Himalayan/Munchkin named Rio Oki.

silly Rio

Luke and I recently got married last September (in my parents backyard)  and got a house together the year before.  I must say, going from single woman on her own to married with…child, is a very intense switch.  I got lucky because Cullen really has taken to me.  (I think it’s cause his father has full custody, will get into that another day)  Other then the random grounding, slamming of doors, and pouting about “no tv until your homework is done”, we get along great! 

Before being here in Knoxville, I lived my whole life in Michigan.

Jennifer and I on my wedding day

My sister Jennifer and I were raised on the lake in Brooklyn, MI where at the time only had two stop lights.  It’s a quiet town and since we were there from preschool til high school… everyone knew everyone!  Now here in Knoxville, TN, I just know my co-workers and my family.

So that’s a little about me.


16 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. I really enjoyed reading this! Your wedding picture was beautiful!! This is so nice because it helps to get to know our Twitter friends a little more. Thank you so much for sharing this! Have a great week ahead!

  2. Hello, I enjoyed reading your first blog. Well done. It is nice to find out a little more about the people we meet on twitter and I think your wedding photo’s are wonderful. Rio Oki is looking cute too!

    You look a very happy family.

  3. So nice to learn a bit more about you!You guys are a beautiful family. Thanks for inviting me to read your blog 🙂

  4. Hi sweetie Christina!
    Here Adriana, @GatoTheo ´s mammy!
    We love your blog! Don´t give up!

    Hugs from Brasil to U, Luke, Cullen N Rio Oki!

    Adriana and Theo

  5. Very nice sharing. I was busy yesterday because my wife and I were celebrating our 35 years together. We found each other on 4/18/76, it was an Easter Sunday, but the 18th has never fallen on Easter since. We got married 12/24/76.

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